Flash Serum - 15 ml

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  • Veličina :15 ml
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Flash Serum is the new format of our famous Flash ampoule.
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Flash Serum is the new format of our famous Flash ampoule. Like the ampoule, the serum acts instantly erasing the signs of fatigue and stress. Its texture is very pleasant and its format very convenient. It moisturises and firms all kinds of skin thanks to its content of hyaluronic acid and silicon. Its tautening proteins of plant origin reduce the roughness of the face, achieving immediate added softness and lifting effect.

The new Flash serum format contains all the benefits of the ampoule but with a handier format. It has an immediate anti-fatigue effect and leaves skin brighter and more moisturised.

Hyaluronic acid and silicon complex - Instant moisturising.

Tautening proteins - Immediate lifting effect.

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