Urban Restore Serum - 30 ml

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  • Veličina :300 ml
  • Upotreba :Noćna
Urban Restore Serum, with detox effect, promotes cell recycling at night to purify and recover the skin after the stress and aggressions of the day.
Cena: 4.610,00 RSD

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Its high content of hyaluronic acid allows for intensive hydration. Its quickly absorbed gel in oil texture leaves a fresh and emollient effect, providing ultimate moisturising. The calming effect of allantoin promotes the regeneration of skin. The result: a more rested and revitalised skin.

Olive & Jujube extract - Detox properties and stimulation of cell self-recycling by activating Proteasome.

Repair Complex - Cell repair and protector against damage caused by external aggressions.

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