• Šifra :DRIOSEC 04
  • Tip kože :For excessive palmoplantar sweating
  • Veličina :Briefcase: 38x37x9 cm
  • Upotreba :Initial treatment: 30 minutes/day for about 1
Iontodry helps to reduce and control excessive palmoplantar sweating thanks to its iontoforesis technique.
Cena: 0,00 RSD

ili poručite putem telefona: 011/22-82-711

Iontodry is an iontophoresis device for home use designed to reduce and control excessive palmoplantar sweating. Among its main components we can find: treatment units, control unit, two types of foam pads, connection cable USB, user manual and a quick guide. For further information:

Iontophoresis is a technique based on the movement of ions using electric current from a current generator device which is connected to two electrodes (one positive and one negative). This way, penetration of ionized active ingredients in the skin is favored by producing precipitation of proteins in the sweat ducts, reducing perspiration.

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