Proteum Serum (Easy Go)

  • Šifra :BLACK DAIMOND 05
  • Tip kože :Svi tipovi kože
  • Veličina :30 ml
  • Upotreba :Svakodnevno
Proteum Serum with Proteum Serum 89+ reduces roughness and firms the skin, reducing and preventing skin aging. It contains antioxidants that smooth, moisturise, firm and brighten the skin...
Cena: 7.800,00 RSD

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Proteum Serum is a triple-effect anti-aging cell repairer, firmer and anti-oxidant, for younger, smoother, firmer and better protected skin. Reduces roughness, firms the face, reduces wrinkles, slows aging, protects the skin and prevents redness. Proteum Serum also activates DNA repair and protection, slowing the cell aging process and shielding the skin from cell damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It has a light, smooth texture and is quickly absorbed.
The Proteum Sérum - Easy Go has a convenient container, lightweight and easy to carry.

Proteum 89+ Exclusive molecule by MartiDerm with latest generation proteoglycans, which protects skin from the effects of ultraviolet rays, for firm, subtle skin.

Repair complex Complex that promotes cell repair.

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