Urban Force Serum-on top - 30 ml

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Urban Force Serum-on top protects the skin against external aggressions.
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Urban Force Serum-on top protects the skin against external aggressions. Its protective shield effect acts against UV rays (SPF20) and HEV (blue light) and maximises the barrier function of the skin to be able to reduce the interaction of pollutant particles.

Urban Force Serum – on top is a perfect anti-pollution moisturiser thanks to the polyphenols of passion fruit (they stimulate the natural antioxidant defence system of the skin), and encapsulated SPF20 sunscreens (high skin tolerance protection against UVA/UVB). Its cream in gel texture is fresh and light, allowing for easy absorption. Also, its high content of hyaluronic acid guarantees intensive hydration.

BioShield - Non-occlusive protective screen that prevents the interaction of pollutant particles with the skin.

Cocoa extract - Protection against HEV (blue light) responsible for digital-aging.

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